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Welcome to Hmong Christian Church! We are a non-denominational and non-profit organization dedicated to the transformative power of God's Word. Rooted in our belief in the profound significance of the Bible, our faith centers on Jesus Christ as the exclusive path to God, offering the gift of eternal life. Established in 1990 in Eau Claire, we are grateful for the support and guidance of Landmark Christian Church in Lake Hallie, Wisconsin. In 2008, God graciously provided us with a new home at 2749 70th Street in Eau Claire. Over the past decade, our congregation has flourished, leading to an expansion in 2016 with a new chapel, Sunday school classrooms, and a dedicated baptismal room. Join us on this faith journey as we strive to make a positive impact on lives, communities, and the world at large.


our pastors:
Leepor Hang

Lead Pastor

Leepor Hang.jpg

Pastor Leepor Hang, is the current Lead Pastor at Hmong Christian Church.

He brings a rich and inspiring journey that reflects his unwavering commitment to both faith and education.

Born and raised in Laos, Pastor Hang immigrated to the United States in 2008, where he began a new chapter by marrying his wife and starting a family. He is not only a devoted father to two sons but also a loving stepfather to seven children and a proud grandfather to fourteen grandchildren.

Despite facing financial constraints during his early years in Laos, Pastor Hang completed his secondary education. However, higher education remained elusive until he arrived in the United States. Undeterred by the challenges, he enrolled at Chippewa Valley Technical College, laying the foundation for his educational journey.

While initially drawn to the field of computer engineering, Pastor Hang initially resisted the divine calling to attend Bible college. In 2011, he enrolled at UW-Stout, earning a Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree in 2014. However, the call to ministry persisted, leading him to pursue a Master of Theology degree at GCU in 2017, which he successfully obtained in April 2019. Currently, he is dedicated to his doctoral studies at GCU, focusing on Education with an emphasis on Organizational Leadership and Ministry.

Pastor Hang's remarkable journey extends beyond the academic realm. In Laos, he faced humble beginnings, working various roles at a hotel for a monthly wage of $30, a mere $1 per day. Upon arriving in the United States, he juggled newspaper delivery, restaurant jobs, and summer production work to support his studies.

Following his graduation from UW-Stout, Pastor Hang embarked on a career as a Physical Design Engineer, specializing in the intricate design of high-performance computer chips. His diverse experiences in both professional and personal realms shape his unique perspective and enrich his pastoral leadership.

As Pastor Hang continues his doctoral studies, we invite you to join us in prayer for his perseverance and success in this educational endeavor. His journey is a testament to the transformative power of faith, education, and dedication to serving the community.

Contact Information:

Dr. Chong Chang Her
Served as Lead Pastor from 1987 until retiring in 2023

Dr. Chong Chang Her's journey spans from the heart of Laos to the vibrant landscapes of the United States. Born and raised as the youngest son of Wa Yang Her and Chao Vue Her, Dr. Her embarked on a life-changing odyssey as a refugee, arriving in America in April 1980 after traversing Laos and Thailand.


Dr. Her's educational pursuits reflect his commitment to lifelong learning and service. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Ministry from Iowa Christian College in 1988, followed by a Master's degree in Ministry from Kentucky Christian University in 1996. In 2010, he further expanded his expertise, obtaining a Doctorate in Family Counseling Psychology from Freedom Bible College and Seminary.


For an impressive 35 years, Dr. Her has dedicated himself to the role of an Evangelist, impacting the lives of many. His distinguished career culminated in his retirement as the Lead Pastor of Hmong Christian Church in 2023. Despite stepping back from the pastoral role, Dr. Her continues to actively contribute to the spiritual well-being of the community. Currently, he serves as an advisor to Hmong Christian Church, extending his support and wisdom to the congregation and the present lead pastor.

For those seeking guidance, support, or simply wishing to connect, Dr. Her welcomes inquiries at

Dr. Solomon Her

Served as Associate Pastor

HCC Solomon Her.jpg

Dr. Solomon Txooj Xyoob Her holds a Doctor of Ministry in Congregational Ministry from Lincoln Christian University, obtained a Master of Divinity from Bethel University of Minnesota and received his bachelor’s in Biblical Studies and Theology Studies from Crossroads College in Rochester, Minnesota.

Dr. Her has a passion for Christ.  He started serving Christ when he attended Crossroads College. Every weekend, he traveled to Eau Claire, Wisconsin, to teach the youth and preach as needed.  Dr. Her has served Hmong Christian Church in various roles since 1997.

He is married to Teresa Moua-Her, with six children (Isaiah, Rachael, Jacqueline, James, Charlene, and Grace). During his leisure, Dr. Her enjoys playing soccer and ping pong with friends.

Contact Information:

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